Anode bags



Types : Polypropylene Anode Bag, Disposable Bag, Polyester Bag

Standard dimensions : 650 x 130 mm, 750 x 130 mm, 850 x 130 mm, 950 x 130 mm, 1050 x 130 mm, 650 x 230 mm, 750 x 230 mm, 850 x 230 mm, 950 x 230 mm, 1050 x 230 mm.

We also manufacture bags with specific dimensions that will adapt to your facilities.


Grammage : 210 g/m2, 270 g/m2, 340 g/m2, 600 g/m2 (other upon request)


Product description : with a wide range of anode bags in terms of technical fabric, dimensions, shapes and fastener systems (halyard or cord), we meet most of your filtration needs. The most commonly used material is polypropylene as it can be used in most electroplating baths. The anode bags can be placed directly on your anodes or around your titanium baskets.


Uses : anode bags can be used as primary filtration or main filtration on your surface treatment baths.

Packaging : Carton box

Availability : On stock

Product for industrial use only

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