Filters and pumps



Product description : we offer a wide range of pumps, filters for industrial filtration and transfer of your fluids as well as spare parts and consumables.

Pumps : Magnetic Pump, Mechanical Pump, Vertical Pump, Membrane Pump, Drum Vacuum Pump, Pneumatic Pump, Centrifugal Pump, Transfer Pump, Metering Pump, Manual Pump

Filters : Polypropylene Filter, PVDF Filter, Stainless Steel Filter, Tray Filter, Gravity Filter, Automatic Filter, Bag Filter, Basket Filter.

tip : agitate your baths through the venturi system with stirring nozzles.

Uses : we offer pumps and filters for electrolytic surface treatment, electronics industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food and agricultural industry.

Packaging : cardboard on pallet

Availability : on stock or upon request

Product for industrial use only

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