Filter cloth



Types : High Performance filter clothes & polypropylene white filter clothes

Plate standard dimensions : 250x250mm, 450x450mm, 470x470mm, 500x500mm, 630x630mm, 800x800mm (other upon request)

We also manufacture filter clothes with specific dimensions that will adapt to your installations.

Product description : our range of filter cloth press meets most of your filtration needs in station. We offer you polypropylene clothes. As an option, a central PVC sleeve for more sealing can be added.

For more than 15 years we have also developed high performance black filter clothes whose advantages our customers have preferred:

  • The fabric is specially designed to reduce the adhesion of the ‘cakes’ formed by the sludge on the cloth. This ease of debridement improves your productivity and preserves the cloth over time.
  • The high-performance fabric dries your sludge much more, resulting in lower processing costs
  • The fabrics are made to measure according to your plans or on the model of an old used filter cloth. Fastener types are by eyelet, velcro or on request.


Uses : the filter clothes are used in your water treatment plant.

Packaging : Carton box

Availability : On stock

Product for industrial use only

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