Polypropylene spheres



Materials : Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVDF (other upon request)

Standard dimensions for spheres :

Diameters      10mm  20mm  25mm  38mm  45mm  50mm  60mm  70mm  100mm  150mm

Nbre/m²         11600   2900     1850      800        575       465       320        235       115         52

Standard dimensions for hexagones :

50mm : 400 pieces / m²

100mm : 130 pieces / m²


Product description : our spherical or hexagonal hollow pieces can  cover all types of baths, avoid corrosive fumes, protect the health of operators and avoid unpleasant odours. The benefits are also financial because you save energy by keeping the bath at temperature and gain on the products consumed. You reduce the cleaning of fumes and lengthen the service life of related equipment.

Uses : spheres and hexagones are used in electrolytic surface treatment and anodic oxidation.


Packaging : Carton box

Availability : On stock or upon request

Product for industrial use only

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