Serpentin for heat regulation



Materials : Titanium, Niobium and Stainless steel

Dimensions : the dimensions and the connection tips are made on plan and according to your specifications.

Product description : our titanium, niobium and stainless steel serpentin are custom-made for liquid cooling or heating. Several criteria must be taken into account to define your serpentin : the composition and density of the bath, the duration of the temperature setting, the initial temperature and the desired final temperature. Consideration should also be given to the nature of the thermal fluid (e.g. water) that will flow through the serpentin. Finally, the type of tip or the screw thread (example ¾ male or female gas) to choose according to your installation.

Uses : heating or cooling coils are used for all types of surface treatment.

Packaging : Wooden box

Availability : Upon request

Product for industrial use only

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