Materials : Stainless steel, teflon (PTFE), porcelain, titanium or technical glass.

Product description : we offer a wide range of heaters and their spare parts. They are the direct heating solution for corrosive liquids in almost all electroplating and pickling baths.

  • Straight heater: Consists of the immersion tube, heater, terminal Box and power cable. Power up to 1.6 kW for small models and up to 12 kW for large models.


  • Square heater: It consists of the horizontal heated plunger tube with heater element, the unheated vertical plunger tube, terminal box and power cable.


  • Flat heater: This range of heaters can be positioned on the bottom or side of the tank. It offers a very large exchange area in a minimum of space. Power up to 6kW


Uses : heaters are used in traditional surface treatment by electrolysis.

Packaging : Carton box

Availability : Upon request

Product for industrial use only

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