About A.M.P.E.R.E.



What we do

Since 1967, A.M.P.E.R.E., a family owned company active in the trading of metals and chemicals, has become the top leading European supplier to industries, with a very well-known name in the distribution to the plating industry.


Our development

With a solid and long term strategy, we develop strong partnerships with the top ranking world mining and chemicals companies.

Over the time, we have expanded our activities all across Europe through a solid network of subsidiaries and export worldwide to customers located on the 5 continents.

A.M.P.E.R.E.’s strength is based on its specialization, expertise and capacity to supply a wide range of chemicals, metallic salts, metals and anodes of any shape, whatever the process implemented by our partners.

Our success is also due to a sharp expertize in import/export, trading, international regulations for chemicals and logistic (REACH in Europe and specific rules of each country we deal with).

Additionally, we’ve developed along these years some other activities like sputtering targets for vaccum coating (PVD), the manufacture of zinc and aluminium sacrificial anodes, and the sales of polishing powders for glass as well as rare earth.


What we bring you

We also registered a number of trademarks like “SELECTRA®”, “ELECTROMONDE®”, “GALVA-PROCAT®” and “HYDRAL 2C®” for high quality selected products, in order to meet the technical requirements of our partners, guaranteeing never changing quality and reliability of your process.

This long term experience in the Metal Finishing Industry allows our experts to offer you customized solutions to your daily plating issues and needs, thanks, for example, to an extra range of filtration materials, accessories and equipment.

Meeting your requirements in a professional way, proposing solutions has always been a source of motivation for A.M.P.E.R.E.

We will be glad to support you in your development and growth.