Nickel cathode strips HP


CAS : 7440-02-0  /  EINECS : 231-111-4

Chemical symbol : Ni


Purity : the purity of nickel cathodes is > 99.98%

Dimensions : the most common dimensions of nickel cathodes are 600×100, 600×150, 600×200, 800×200 and 900x150mm. Our equipment allows us to cut up to 1200mm lengths. We can also cut according to your specific dimensions on request.

Product description : nickel cathodes are manufactured by electrolysis. They are obtained after several weeks in nickel sulphate or nickel chloride baths.

Nickel cathodes with a nickel purity greater than 99.98% are thus obtained. There are different sizes for cutting cathodes up to 1200mm long, for electroplating baths. Depending on the type of nickel cathode, we have several possible thicknesses, ranging from 10mm to 16mm.

Uses : nickel cathodes are used as nickel anodes for electrolytic deposits. They are placed in nickel Watt or Wood nickel plating bath. These baths are based on nickel sulphate, nickel chloride and boric acid.

We offer specially cut nickel cathodes according to your needs. We can adjust the lengths and widths, and choose the thickness that suits you.

For good use, the cathodes are placed in anode bags and attached to the anodic bar (bus bar) by means of a titanium hook.

In order to facilitate your use, we can drill the cathodes to the dimensions of your choice.

Packaging : nickel strips are cut and delivered on pallet.

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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