Nickel plating rounds / R nickel rounds


CAS : 7440-02-0 / EINECS : 231-111-4

Chemical symbol : Ni


Purity : the purity of nickel rounds is > 99.95%

Dimensions : diameter 25mm – height 12mm

Product description : the nickel plating round, also called R round, is a product of high purity, easy to use and economical. It is manufactured by electrolysis, guaranteeing a constant quality.

Uses : the electrolytic nickel round is a product specially developed for use in surface treatment. Its shape allows use in titanium basket.

Its advantages are:

  • Consistent quality with purity above 99.95%
  • Ease of filling titanium baskets
  • Easy handling with small bags of 10 kg
  • Safe product, without sharp edge
  • Filling fluidity: no bridge in baskets
  • 100% nickel use, no waste

Its regular packing density, about 5kg per dm3, makes it the ideal product for nickel plating in Watt or Wood bath.

The main advantages of nickel rounds, compared to cathodes and nickel squares are the much simpler and faster maintenance, as well as a regular anodic surface, which will make you more competitive.

Packaging : 10kg bag (other upon request).

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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