Aluminum HYDRAL 2C®


Aluminum alloys intended for use in seawater and saline sludge are also made up of zinc and a small amount of Indium used as an activator. There is a wide range of composition, some of which are detailed in Annex B.1 of EN 12496 (2013). Our HYDRAL 2C® Aluminum alloy complies with the A1 composition of this annex, but we regularly carry out castings with more restrictive compositions for the requirements of our offshore customers in particular.

Aluminium hydral 2c anodes aluminum Hydral 2C anodes


The advantages of the HYDRAL 2C® Aluminum alloy are numerous, but it is worth noting the very low Ampere/year cost (due to its high practical capacity), its low density allowing the realization of anodes easier to handle and  its potential, well adapted to the protection of complex structures in seawater.

We carefully and methodically select our raw materials with the aim of casting a high-purity HYDRAL 2C® Aluminum alloy, mainly used in offshore applications and for cathodic protection of port structures.

Each of our HYDRAL 2C® Aluminum castings is controlled by spectrometric analysis (before – during – end of casting) to provide a certificate of analysis for each batch of anodes produced, ensuring perfect traceability.

“Short” tests of electrochemical characterizations according to DNV RP B401 – Annex B of our HYDRAL 2C® Aluminum castings are performed by CETIM.

Download the AMPERE technical partnership sheet with CETIM : Ampere-Cetim