The performance of an alloy depends on its specific composition, which can have an influence on activation, passivation resistance, mass energy or the morphology of the consumption.

With an electrochemical efficiency of 95%, the Zinc Galva Procat® alloy is perfectly suited for the protection of moving ships and marine structures, shallow underground pipes, submerged structures, tanks, etc…

Galva procat zinc anodesGalva Procat zinc anodes


The Zinc Galva Procat® alloy has the advantages of having a well-adapted potential for protecting compact seawater structures, a safe behaviour under various operating conditions (soil, seawater, mud, confined environments) and  excellent performance, due to not being very sensitive to marine fouling.


Our Zinc Galva Procat® alloy is made from high purity elements that are rigorously selected and controlled. The composition and technical specifications meet the specifications for Zinc Z3 alloys in Annex B of NF EN 12496 (2013). It is also compliant with the NC 431990 specifications of the French National Navy and the US MIL A 18001 K (1993) specifications.


All of our GALVA PROCAT® zinc alloy castings are controlled by spectrometric analysis (before – during – end of casting) to provide a certificate of analysis for each batch of anodes produced, ensuring perfect traceability.

In addition, in order to guarantee the performance of our GALVA PROCAT® zinc alloy in complete independence, we have entrusted CETIM with the electrochemical characterization tests of our castings.

Download the AMPERE technical partnership sheet with CETIM : Ampere-Cetim