Cadmium anodes


CAS : 7440-43-9  /  EINECS : 231-152-8

Chemical symbol : Cd


Purity : the cadmium plate purity is 99.97% minimum.

Dimensions : 600 x 200 mm, 600 x 100 mm, other dimensions upon request

Product description : our cadmium anodes are very pure and provide you with optimum cathodic efficiency.

We can make a hole to add a hook and a custom cut to adapt the anodes to the dimensional constraints of your bath. A polypropylene bag over the anodes is recommended for filtration.

Uses : Cadmium deposit is mainly used as a protective coating against corrosion. The main uses in traditional electroplating are for the aircraft industry and the armaments industry. Cadmium plating is carried out mainly from cyanide or acid solutions.

Packaging : on pallet

Availability : on stock


Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

Pictograms : Cadmium anodes


ADR / IMDG / IATA : Class 6.1

UN : 3288

Packing Group : III

MSDS available upon request :

Reach : according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)


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