Cadmium oxide



CAS : 1306-19-0 / Einecs : 215-146-2

Formula : CdO


Synonyms : Cadmium(II) oxide, Cadmium Monoxide

Product description : Cadmium oxide comes as a reddish-brown powder, odorless, with a purity of 99% minimum. It is poorly soluble in water.

Uses : cadmium oxide is used in surface treatment (cadmium plating in cyanide baths), for batteries, ceramics, catalysis and in pigments.

Packaging : 25kg drums (other types of packaging available upon request)

Availability : on stock

Storage : store away from heat and moisture, in tightly closed containers. Store at room temperature and in a dry, cool and adequately ventilated area.

Safety / MSDS : for industrial use only.

Pictograms : Cadmium oxide


ADR / IMDG / IATA : Class 6.1

UN : 2570

Packing Group : I

MSDS available upon request :

Reach : according to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH)


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