Rolled tin anodes



CAS : 7440-31-5  /  EINECS : 231-141-8

Chemical symbol : Sn


Purity : the rolled (or laminated) tin anodes purity is 99.85% to 99.9% minimum. We also  have 100 ppm and 50 ppm “Lead Free” tin.

Dimensions : section 100 x 10 mm and 200 x 10 mm (+/- 2mm)

Product description : our rolled tin anodes are made from primary tin, i.e. from “non-recycled” raw material. Cold laminating changes the mechanical characteristics and metallurgical structure of tin, including lengthening and changing the direction of the grain. These properties are sometimes required for technical surface treatments.

We can take care of the drilling of the anodes upon request.

Uses : rolled tin anodes are used in methanesulfonic acid, sulfate and tetrafluoborate baths. They are also used in alkaline baths with potassium stannate and sodium stannate. The main use is tinning for electrical, electronic, connector, automotive and food industries. A polypropylene  bag placed directly over the tin anode is recommended for filtration.

Packaging : on pallet

Availability : on stock


Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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