Oval nickel anodes



CAS : 7440-02-0  /  EINECS : 231-111-4

Chemical symbol : Ni


Purity : the purity of the elliptic nickel anodes is > 99.98%. There are two qualities of elliptic nickel: carbon nickel and depolarized nickel

Dimensions :

  • Carbon Nickel : 75x40mm
  • Depolarized Nickel : 80x35mm

Product description : we can cut the length according to your dimensions upon request. The maximum length is 4000mm, or 4 meters.

We can also drill and tap the anodes in order to screw a titanium hook that will hang on the bus bar.

Uses : Carbon elliptic nickel anodes are used in traditional baths (based on sulphate and nickel chloride) for nickel plating.

Depolarized elliptical nickel is used in nickel sulphamate baths.

It is advisable to put a polypropylene bag around the anodes to avoid dispersion.

Packaging : on pallet.

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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