Oval & dogbone copper profiles



CAS : 7440-50-8 / EINECS : 231-159-6

Chemical symbol : Cu


Purity : the purity of copper profiles is > 99.99%

Dimensions :

Oxygen Free copper – OF copper :

  • Oval section 63x59mm – 23kg per meter

Phosphorous copper 400 to 600 ppm :

  • Oval section 76x51mm – 23kg per meter
  • Oval section 80x40mm – 23kg per meter
  • Oval section 100x40mm – 24kg per meter
  • “Dogbone” shape 80x30mm – 20kg per meter


Product description : if you are looking for very long but easy to use anodes, the profiled anodes in Oxygen Free copper or DXP phosphorous copper, are the ideal product.

We offer different shapes of elliptical anodes or «dog bone» to suit the depth of your tanks. We can go up to 3 meters long.

We cut these anodes to your dimensions. In order to be able to attach them to the current supply bar, we can drill the anodes, tap them or crimp a copper hook.

This last principle allows a perfect flow of current in the anode and above all, makes maintenance and anode changes very easy. We can design the hook to fit your installation.

Upon your request, we can deliver the anodes with the crimped hook and the already positioned anode bag.


We offer different grades for copper profile anodes :

  • Oxygen Free copper anodes – OF copper : their particularly low oxygen content, always less than 5 ppm, corresponds to special applications. Their advantage is the very low formation of electrolytic sludge compared to electrolytic copper. OF copper is dissolved in copper sulphate acid baths and also formulations with potassium pyrophosphate and copper pyrophosphate. It is also used in baths based on potassium cyanide or sodium cyanide also containing copper cyanide.
  • Phosphorous copper anodes – DXP copper : this slightly alloyed copper quality is used for glossy  copper coatings or as a sub-layer before a nickel layer. Also known as DHP Copper or DXP copper, it contains between 400 and 600 ppm of Phosphor. Anodes are placed in copper sulphate baths.

Uses : Oxygen Free and phosphorous profiles are used for electrolytic copper plating. Depending on the type of copper deposit you want (mat, gloss, ductile, etc…), different copper qualities will be used: Oxygen free or phosphorous.


Packaging : on pallet

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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