Nickel P pellets


CAS : 7440-02-0 / EINECS : 231-111-4

Chemical symbol : Ni


Purity : the purity of nickel P Pellets is > 99.98%

Dimensions : diameter 8 to 12mm

Product description : P nickel pellets is the perfect product for a homogeneous dissolution in nickel plating baths. The high purity and low impurity content makes it a widely used product in nickel electroplating.

Uses : Nickel P pellets are particularly recommended for technical nickel  coatings. Thanks to its shape, it goes perfectly down into the titanium baskets and thus offers easy maintenance.

With a diameter between 8 and 12mm, the nickel ball P drops into the baskets, even the narrowest ones. Its shape prevents bridge formation and ensures a constant anodic surface.

Its advantages are:

  • Consistent quality with purity above 99.98%
  • Great ease of filling titanium baskets
  • Easy handling with small bags of 10 kg
  • Filling fluidity: no bridge in baskets
  • 100% nickel use, no waste

Packaging : 10kg bag (other upon request).

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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