Nickel chips


CAS : 7440-02-0 / EINECS : 231-111-4

Chemical symbol : Ni


Purity : the purity of nickel chips is > 99.98%

Dimensions : diameter 17 to 25mm – height 4 to 5mm

Product description : thanks to its specific manufacturing method, the purity of nickel chips is particularly high. The large volumes manufactured and the production process make it the most competitive product for nickel plating

Uses : with its special shape, the nickel chips go down perfectly into the baskets, and are evenly distributed in the titanium baskets. Its shape prevents bridging  formation and ensures a constant anodic surface. It is safe to handle, having no sharp edge

Its advantages are:

  • Consistent quality with purity above 99.98%
  • Very competitive prices with a non-cut shape
  • Great ease of filling titanium baskets
  • Easy handling with small bags of 10 kg
  • Filling fluidity: no bridge in baskets
  • 100% nickel use, no waste
  • Less current density required than electrolytic nickel, energy saving

Packaging : 10kg bag (other upon request).

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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