Zinc half balls


CAS : 7440-66-6 / EINECS : 231-175-3

Chemical symbol : Zn


Purity : zinc half balls are made from high-purity SHG (Super High Grade) zinc > 99.995%. The very low impurity content guarantees a high-quality zinc plating.

Dimensions : the zinc half balls have the following dimensions: diameter 50mm – height 25mm

Product description : zinc half balls are a common product for zinc baths. They are usually placed in round or rectangular iron or titanium baskets.

Uses : zinc half balls are placed in iron or titanium baskets. For zinc baths with an external dissolving tank, the half balls are placed in dissolution tanks  in  order to optimize the contact with the iron

They are used for acid baths based on zinc chloride, potassium chloride or ammonium chloride, and in zinc sulphate baths.

The half ball of zinc can also be used in alkaline baths based on caustic soda or caustic potash with or without an external dissolving tank.

Finally, they are suitable for cyanide baths containing sodium cyanide, zinc oxide or zinc cyanide.

The half zinc balls allow easy maintenance of the metal level in the baskets.

Packaging : 25kg carton box (other types of packaging available upon request).

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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