Non-chromic conversion on Aluminum



More than a decade ago, HENKEL Technologies developed a first-generation product for the replacement of hexavalent chrome, Alodine T 5900. This zirconium and trivalent chromium product has been approved with a range of sulfo-chromic preparations but cannot be sold outside of North America due to patent. With its experience in the field of chemical conversions and its presence in aeronautics and military, HENKEL Technologies has developed a second generation product, more efficient than the first, after preparation without hexavalent chromium, for sale worldwide: Bonderite M-NT 65000.


Trivalent chromium-based coatings are generally less efficient than hexavalent chromium-based coatings due to an intrinsic property of the latter: the Cr6+ cation is strongly oxidizing. The advanced performance of the Bonderite M-NT 65000 process makes it possible to stop the absence of the Cr6+ cation provided the preparation range for this formula is respected.


Below are the different Chrome-free conversions that HENKEL Technologies has developed in recent years :

  • BONDERITE M-NT 65000
  • BONDERITE M-NT 160 – M-NT 161

List not exhaustive, contact us for a recommendation or if you are looking for another reference.