Nickel & Copper foams



Standard dimensions : 230 x 180mm / 460 x 380mm

Product description : our nickel and copper foams are cathodes that are used to equip cells for recovery of heavy metals in rinse baths. They have a large surface area for exchange with the liquid, allowing a large and homogeneous deposit, even at low concentrations.

Uses : the main metals recovered by electrolysis are :

  • gold (cyanide, sulphite, electroforming, electroless),
  • palladium,
  • cobalt (sulphate solution),
  • cadmium (acid and cyanide solution),
  • copper (acid, alkaline, electroless),
  • nickel (sulphamate solution),
  • zinc (cyanide solution).

Once the cathodes are heavy with metal, they can be resold for recycling. Anodes are insoluble, made of platinized titanium or mixed Iridium/Ruthenium oxides.

Packaging : Carton box

Availability : On stock

Product for industrial use only

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