Frames & jigs



Types : Frames, Descents, Bucklers, Roses, Hedgehogs, Umbrellas

Materials : Brass, Stainless steel, Copper, Steel, Titanium, Aluminum

Clamps : Stainless steel, titanium

Dimensions : Tailor-made according to your plan and specifications.


Product description : we realize your frames, descents and bucklers in brass, stainless steel, copper, steel with PVC coating and stainless steel clamps according to the geometry of the part to be treated. PVC coating acts as a catalysis inhibitor and improves tool life. With its elasticity, stiffness and memory properties, the stainless steel clamp allows a very high repetitiveness of the hooking and release.

We also manufacture your titanium or aluminum tools for anodic oxidation: roses, hedgehogs, umbrellas, fixed frames.

Uses : cathodic frames are used in electroplating and anodic oxidation, in all the main sectors: automotive, aeronautics, construction, jewellery, cosmetics, valves.

Packaging : On pallet or in wooden box

Availability : On request

Product for industrial use only

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