Product description : we offer enamels formulated with epoxy resin, which harden in contact with a catalyst.

In order to comply with environmental constraints, our range has been developed without bisphenol A. It includes colorless, flexible, transparent, opaque, mother-of-pearl, fluorescent enamels as well as various catalysts and additives.

Their properties are as follows :

  • Gloss and low porosity.
  • High adhesion to all surfaces
  • High hardness and good abrasion resistance
  • High chemical and thermal resistance.
  • High resistance to impacts and scratches.
  • High resistance to light (a range with UV filter is also available).

Uses : enamels are used for jewellery, fashion accessories (buttons, belt buckles, barrettes, etc.), perfume caps, advertising items (key rings, magnets, pins, etc.) and medals.

Packaging : Different sizes of bottles

Availability : On request

Msds available upon request : fds@ampere.com

Product for industrial use only

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