Brass balls


CAS : 7440-50-8  /  EINECS : 231-159-6 : Copper

CAS : 7440-66-6  /  EINECS : 231-175-3 : Zinc

Chemical symbol : Cu Zn


Purity : the purity of brass ballss is > 99.95%.

Dimensions : the standard sizes for brass balls are 22to 25mm. Other sizes are possible upon request.

Product description : the two main alloys used in electroplating for brass plating are 63/37 and 70/30. Other alloys are possible, for example 80/20.

Uses : brass balls are used for brass deposition for decorative or functional applications. The brass balls are then placed in vertical titanium baskets. The filling of the baskets is done ergonomically and quickly. It is recommended to put an anode bag around the baskets for better filtration

The formulation of the laitonnage baths is based on sodium cyanide, copper cyanide, zinc cyanide and caustic soda. The chosen brass quality will depend on the desired color of the deposit.

Packaging : 20kg carton boxes, other upon request

Availability : on stock

Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only.

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