Aluminum wire



CAS : 7429-90-5 / EINECS : 231-072-3

Chemical symbol : Al


Purity : the purity of aluminum wire is > 99.5%

Dimensions : we offer a range of aluminum wires from 0.5mm to 5mm. Other diameters are possible on request.

Product description : aluminium wires can be of two qualities: either annealed (the wire is very flexible), or hard (the wire is rigid). Depending on the diameters, the aluminium wires can be in crown of 20 to 25kg or in coil of 5kg.

Uses : Annealed aluminum wires are generally used to attach parts that are to be coated or treated with anodic oxidation. The hard aluminum wires are used to make rigid hooks.

Packaging : spools and coils

Availability : on stock


Safety/MSDS : for industrial use only

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