Polishing powders for glass, CEROXTM and OPALINETM

A full range of products, dedicated to flat glass, optical glass and precision optics polishing.

The polishing efficiency, the surface quality, the excellent suspensions properties and the packing are the most important criteria to evaluate the properties of a polishing powder.

Characteristics of the CEROXTM polishing powders are closely controlled for each batch. The homogenization of the batch guarantees an excellent and consistent quality.

According to your needs, we can select the most adapted CEROXTM.
CeroxTM  2610 CeroxTM 1525 OpalineTM for polishing
CeroxTM 1670 G Super CeroxTM 1663 OpalineTM SM2
CeroxTM 1650    

Rare earths

Rare earths are part of a group of metals with essential properties for a large number of use.
These specific products have physical properties enabeling applications in catalysis, luminescence, optics, magnetism, electronic and a large number of new technologies, in particular, "green technologies".

Solvay separates and proposes most of rare earths, as salts such as oxides and nitrates:
Cerium Praseodyme Neodyme
Lanthane Samarium Europium
Yttrium Gadolinium Terbium
Ytterbium Dysprosium Holmium
Erbium Thullium Lutecium