Accessories for electroplating



A wide choice of titanium, stainless steel and iron baskets.
Standard sized and tailor made baskets.
Possibility to repair the damaged baskets.


Hooks for anodes

A very wide range of hooks made from different materials:
  • Copper,
  • Titanium,
  • Stainless steel.
Standard and specific hooks according to your request.

Nickel expanded mesh

Nickel mesh metal

Nickel expanded mesh metal or sheet for Zinc/Nickel baths.
Cut to your size, folded with welded hook upon request.

Hanging wire

Hanging wires

Copper, brass, aluminium, iron and stainless steel wires.
All diameters - temper: soft and hard
In coils or spools.

Platinized titanium

Platinized titanium / Titanium coated with mixed oxydes

A full range of insoluble anodes - Titanium coated with platinium - Titanium coated with mixed oxydes.
Shaping, hooks welding, various coating thicknesses.
All size of mesh according to your use.
We can also renew the titanium coating of your anodes.



A full range of heaters for your plating tanks.

Anode bags

Anode bags

Anode bags made from different fabrics, bringing various properties for more efficiency:
  • Polypropylene, cotton,
  • Various qualities of fabrics for a better sludge retaining,
  • Strengthened bottom bags,
  • With a lace or a Velcro strip.
Manufacturing upon customer requirements.

Bus bars

Bus / anodic bars

Flat or round copper bars for electrical conduction:
  • Flat bars - all sections,
  • Round bars - all diameters,
  • Tooled bars according to your drawing.



Different grades of titanium available as:
  • Sheets,
  • Wires,
  • Bars,
  • Bolting.



Specialist for filtration equipment and consumables, we propose the full range:
  • Paper filter, any porosity and dimension,
  • Cartridges, any porosity and dimension, wound and extruded, with active carbon,
  • Cloth for filter press,
    • white cloth,
    • black cloth for dryer sludge - easy cleaning,
  • Filter rolls,
  • Filter bags,

  • Filtering systems, pumps and filters.

We are ready to help you to find the most efficient material for your plating lines filtration.

Polypropylene spheres

Polypropylene spheres and hexagons

Round and hexagonal pieces in various diameters and sizes.

Equipments for anodizing

Equipment for anodizing

Study and production of all types of equipment in titanium and aluminium.



Technical danglers with high resistance to abrasion, high flexibility and longer life time.
Brass, iron and stainless steel head available, whatever size and shape.



A wide range of barrels for the surface treatment. Standard or tailor made barrels.

Graphite anodes

Graphite anodes

Graphite pieces used as insoluble anodes
  • Flat anodes,
  • Round bars,
  • Special profiles, with tooling upon request,
  • With hole and adapted hook.